Ambroxitil - AntiBacterial/AntiInfective

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Ambroxitil - 5g Packet - Quantity: 1

Components: Amoxicillin + Bromhexine + Tylosin
Ambroxitil is a water-soluble preparation that contains broad spectrum antibiotics Ambroxicillin and Tylosin. It is fortified with Bromhexine and mucolytic agent that melts sticky mucus and phlegm adhering on the respiratory passages.

For the Prevention and Treatment of:

• Early chick mortality
• Infectious Coryza
• Chronic Respiratory Disease “CRD”
• Fowl Pox

Dosage and Administration:

Prevention: 5 grams (1 Packet) for every gallon of water for 3 days.
Treatment: 10 Grams (2 Packets) for every gallon of water for 5 days.