Amtyl 500 - Antibacterial Tablets (10 Tablet Pack)

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Amtyl 500

(10 Tablet Pack)

Amtyl 500, the No. 1 and most trusted brand for game fowls, contains the powerful combination of Amoxicillin and Tylosin. Its components are effective against the respiratory, urogenital and integumentary system of gamefowls.

For Prevention and Treatment of the following:

•Infectious Coryza 
•Chronic Respiratory Disease “CRD” or “Halak na sipon”
•Fowl Pox
•All type of wounds
•Bacterial flushing

Dosage & Administration: 

Bacterial Flushing/Preventative:  1 Tablet for 3 Days

Treatment: 1 Tablet for 5 Days.