Ornistat - Anti-Malaria/Anti-Infective - 5 Gram Pack

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Ornistat - 5 Gram Pack

Pyrimethamine Hcl + Iron + Cobalt + Copper + Folic Acid + Vit. K3

Ornistat is an anti-parasitic drug formulated as prevention and treatment of Avian Malaria. It is fortified with hematinic factors like iron, cobalt, copper and folic acid that helps regenerate red blood cell.

Dosage and Administration


• Mix 5 grams of ORNISTAT to 5 gallons of water for 2 consecutive days. Give this weekly starting at 3 weeks up to 5 weeks of age.


• Mix 5 grams of ORNISTAT to 2.5 gallons of water for 3 consecutive days.

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5g pack