Vormal - Dewormer (20 Pack)

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Vormal Deworming Tablets

20 Tablets

Quantity: 1 Pack of 20 Tablets

Antiparasitic combination for the individual treatment of gamefowl.

VORMAL is an antiparasitic combination for the treatment of infestations caused by nematelmintos and flatworms. It acts on the parasite by blocking the glucose elimination mechanisms, inhibiting microtubule polymerization, blocking fumarate reductase and inhibiting acetylcholine and its enzyme. The compounds by which it is formed are of proven anthelmintic effectiveness and high safety. Some immunostimulant effect has been demonstrated by the use of one of the ingredients of the formula.

Antiparasitic combination for individual treatment of poultry

FORMULA: Each tablet contains:

piperazine 300 mg

levamisole 110 mg

Albendazole 12 mg

Excipient cbp 1 tablet


FEATURES: It acts on the blocking parasite clearance mechanisms glucose, inhibiting microtubule polymerization, blocking and inhibiting fumarate reductase acetylcholine and enzyme. The compounds for which is formulated are of proven effectiveness and high safety anthelmintic. It has shown some immunostimulatory effect by the use of one ingredient of the formula (levamisole).

INDICATIONS: An antiparasitic combination worming, vermicida and ovicide for the control and elimination of roundworms and flatworms. This product is for removing tapeworms (Railletina cesticillus, Railletina tetragona, Choanotaenia infundibulum, Davainea proglottina, sp and Hymenolepis cuneata Amoebotaenia), roundworms (Ascaridia galli) and parasites of the blind (Heterakis gallinarum).

ADMINISTRATION AND DOSAGE: One tablet per adult bird (2 to 2.5 kg of weight), single dose, monthly deworming is recommended.


Keep in a cool, dry place and protected from the sun.

Keep out of reach of children or pets.

The product should not be administered to animals intended for human consumption.